ILL 281 Research PaperInstructor: Tim Coolbaugh
Ph # 315 455 5693

Dates: The last day to submit a paper for early review is Wednesday, September 24th, (paper only) returned Wednesday, October 1st, with comments and suggestions.

The final paper (both electronic and hard copies) are due at the beginning of class Wednesday, October 8th. Any paper turned in after this date the student’s final grade will fall a full grade for each week the paper is late. If you don’t turn in a paper you will fail the class.

Checklist for the Research Paper:

The paper will be graded on its content and how well the instructions were followed.

The paper should be securely bound in a document cover, with a cover page.  NO INDIVIDUAL PLASTIC SLEEVES.

Use at least three sources, and note that all Internet sources combined count as only one of your three sources.  Examples of other sources not on the Internet could be books, magazines, personal interviews.

Wikipedia is not a source.

When you are talking about books and magazines in the body of the paper their titles should be in italics.

Use proper citation and bibliography, according to, The Chicago Manual of Style.  Your paper will earn an F if all the sources are not properly cited.  (See Blackboard for a link to Perdue University’s website, which has comprehensive information about citation.)

Use 12 point type and double space.

Number each page.

A hard copy and an electronic copy should be submitted at the beginning of class Wednesday, October 8th, to receive full credit for the paper. Send the electronic copy to

I want you to research one of the people that are speaking in the Symposium class this semester. You should write 500 words on them, followed by 500 words on one of their influences, then 250 words each on two contemporary artists who’s work is similar. Each paper should have an introduction and a conclusion some kind of notation (footnotes, endnotes or parenthetical) and a bibliography. You should not use phrases such as "I think" or "I feel" in the body of the paper. I want to read about what experts in the field have to say about them.

Personal opinions should be limited to the conclusion of the paper.

Include at least one image of the person’s work an image from the person that influenced them and an image from each of the contemporaries who’s work is similar. The image should be at least ¼ of the page in size or 3" x 4" minimum. They can be larger. All images must be printed in color unless the person works primarily in black and white.

Include captions under each image with the title, artist, date, etc….

If you can find something where the artist is talking about their work, or an expert talks about their work, great, but I don’t want you talking about it in first person.

Don’t describe the work to me, if you have included the work with a photograph I can see it.

Do not refer to the artist on a first name only.  It is improper unless you know them personally.

Only list three jobs the artist has done. I don’t want a list of the person’s entire CV.

Think of yourself as an investigative reporter, you are looking for facts.  Any opinions should be from authorities in the field.

If you have taken this class in prior semesters I want you to a new group of artists to write about. I have a list of requests from past semesters. If you write about someone that you’ve requested in a past semester it would be considered a form of cheating and will be dealt with accordingly.

Writing Center

This is a campus wide resource to help you with your writing process.

101 H.B. Crouse Hall
Ph # 315 443 5289
Hours:  Monday – Thursday 9am- 9pm
             Friday, 9-am to 9pm. 

Experienced consultants are available to work one on one with you at any stage of your writing process and with any kind of writing you are creating. Whether you need help or developing editing strategies, face to face and online chat appointments are available for 25 or 50 minute sessions throughout the semester. Appointments can be reserved up to 6 days in advance via their online scheduling program, WCOnline. In addition, drop in appointments are welcome Monday through Thursday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Brief concerns, questions, or drafts (max of 5 pages) can be emailed to consultants via their eWC service. For more information on hours, location, and services, please visit

Grading Rubric for Research Paper


A minimum of 500 words on one of the Symposium speakers from this semester.

A minimum of 500 words on one of their influences.

A minimum of 250 words each on two contemporary artists who’s work is similar to the guest speaker.


Notation (either footnotes, endonotes, or parenthetical but no combinations).


Images: Color (unless the artist medium is in black and white) at least ¼ page size ( 3" x 4" ) minimum.

Captions under the images: Title, artist, date, publication.

No personal remarks except in the conclusion.

Is the paper thought provoking, insightful, full of facts and information?


Sources:  At least 3.  (All Internet sources count as one source)

Wikipedia is not a source.

Citation:  According to, The Chicago Manual of Style.

Bibliography:  According to, The Chicago Manual of Style.

Style / Presentation:

Proper folder and cover page.

Grammar, spelling, mechanics.

Double spaced 12 point type.

Is the paper logical, organized and well written?

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


315 455 5693

Important dates:

9 / 24 Last day to submit paper for early review.

10 / 8 Electronic and hard copies of paper are due no later than 12:45pm

11 / 26 Thanksgiving break – no classes

12 / 3 Last class.

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