Monday, April 21, 2014

Sonia Chaghatzbanian 4/23

On Wednesday April 23rd our guest will be Sonia Chaghatzbanian.  Originally from Derby, CT., Chaghatzbanian earned a BFA in Illustration from Parsons School of Design.  For the last 14 years she has been an Art Director for Simon and Schuster in New York.  Some of the books Sonia has worked on have include, The Secret of Ferrell Savage, Take me out of the Bathtub, Weaving the Rainbow, and Witchlanders, to name a few.

Simon and Schuster is a world leading publishing house in both fiction and non-fiction with divisions in Adult, Children, Audio, and Online.  Simon and Schuster has offices in New York, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Max Ginsburg '54 4/16/14

Our guest on Wednesday, April 16th will be the illustrator / painter Max Ginsburg.  The son of an artist, Max Ginsburg graduated with a BFA in 1954 from Syracuse's Illustration program.  Since then he has successfully led a dual life as a painter and an illustrator.  Some of his editorial clients have included The New York Times, Newsweek. and Playboy to name a few.  He also painted book jacket covers for many publishers including, Bantam, Harlequin Books, and Little, Brown & Co.

Ginsburg's gallery paintings have been exhibited in several museums, including the Heritage Foundation Museum of Norfolk, VA and the National Academy of Design.

The show, Max Ginsburg: The Realities of our Time, will be on display at the Art Rage Gallery, 505 Hawley Ave. Syracuse, NY from April 12th through May 24th.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Tara Hogan '99 4/ 9 /14

Our guest on Wednesday the 9th will be Tara Hogan.  Originally from Connecticut, Hogan, graduated from Syracuse University in '99 with a degree in illustration and design.  After graduation, Tara became a stylist for Exposures Catalog, as well as an in house print, and web designer.  That experience led her to forge her own brand, Ink+Wit.  Ink+Wit specializes in letterpress, print stationary, limited editions, identity / branding, print, and web designs.  Ink+Wit's designs have been featured on blogs such as Real Simple, Domino, and Apartment Therapy.  Her illustrations have appeared in the Society of Illustrators annuals, New York Magazine, and Yoga Journal.